Thanks to all supporters for:


... the layout of our flyer:



... the cover picture, drawn by Andrea Brunner:


... the proceeds of the Santa Claus barbecue of RSKN 2015:


... the proceeds of the  auction on the occation of Christmas party 2015:


... a free opportunity to introduce us on various markets: 


Til Maehr - Garten & Konsum






... tasty coffee drinks which we are enjoying in the weekly market. All are donated to our club:


... useful things for the dental hygiene and multicolored toys:


Zahnarztpraxis Michael Seitz

... the Christmas donations:



... several events for the benefit of our hostel:

... the donations for a great staying power:


... several common events for the benefit of our hostel: 


... the hint to our hostel project in the outdoor cooking book which can be download as e-book:



the regular support: | Elektro-Fahrräder, E-Bikes & Fahrradservice Esslingen





… lipsticks and more - for our little and bigger princesses in occasion of traditional ceremonies and festivals

... the Christmas donations:


... the support by:



Erich Türk Stiftung


... useful things for the dental hygiene:

… providing working rooms at no charge for various events