Call for donations for the SDB Schol - result


We are overwhealmed about the high donation willingness - a sum of 12.320,85 € was raised! In the name of our partner and principle of the SDB school, Anupendra Acharya, we thank all the donors very much. This is really great - it is very good to know that we have so many supporters! Thus most of the salarys of the teachers and staff can be paid as well as the rent for a school building during the corona crisis.

Call for donations for the SDB School


Also Nepal is effected by the corona crisis. There is a lockdown since last March, means all is closed, also the schools and the public traffic. People have no more work and  therefore no more income. Many returned to their villages, partially by feet because there they can live with their relatives and the food reserves from the land.

Also the SDB School is strongly effected because the parents of the students can't pay the fees anymore. Hence, our partner (principal of the school) can't pay salaries for 50 staffs and the rent for the school building any more. Even when the schools open again the parents won't be able to pay the fees immediately.

That's why we started a call for donations - if many people contribute a little bit then many teachers/staff and their families can get help and the continuation of the school operation is ensured!


Here is the donation account:


Surya Kiran e.V.

Volksbank Esslingen

IBAN: DE17 6119 0110 0281 7090 09

Subject: Donation corona crisis Nepal


Thank you very much in advance!


The highly dedicated teachers and staff of the SDB School in Kathmandu 

Sangam and Smiriti


Our two big girls Sangam and Smiriti come regularly to the hostel to visit their "sisters" and keep in touch with us. We support them in their professional education as nurses. In the photo they are seen in their nurse's clothes of the Green Tara College of Health Science together with the chairwoman of the board.


The second hostel is growing 


Many developments happened the last months on the site of the second hostel. The workers were very busy the whole day. After the new house is finished we want to invite seven new girls from poor families to give them a good school and professional education in a safe environment and a hopeful future.



Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


On behalf of all the girls and children in Nepal who are growing under the schelter of Surya Kiran, who are going to school and doing a professional education, Kajal and Chadani wish all friends, sponsors and god parents Merry Christmas and a happy New Year full of confidence, love of life and health. Also the management board thanks all the members and supporters who made the successful development of the hostel project possible.

Merry Christmas to all of you!  

We want to extend!


Next year we want to invite seven new girls. But because our present hostel with 18 girls is bursting at the seams we rented the first floor in the new house next door. The site will be ready in June 2020. For that we needed various fittings. We are overwhelmed of all the donations we got - more than 9000 €. 

Then we'll have two girls in the Nurse College and 24 girls in the two hostels. Thank you very much in advance for your further support!


Slideshow in Forum Esslingen, Schelztorstr. 38, 73728 Esslingen


"Snowman-Trek - the legendary trekking through the Himalaya of Bhutan"


Date: 2019-11-15, 7 pm - Entrance free, donations are welcome 



Congratulation to the school-leaving qualification!

We are very happy  that our eldest hostel girls, Sangam and Smiriti, finished the final exam of grade 10 with gould  results. Both want to become a nurse. Now they are very proud (and we, too) that they also passed the entrance exam to the nursing college. This professional education takes 3 years and we will support them financially and mentally.

The hostel celebrates its birthday!

On July, 29th there was a big celebration: three years Surya Kiran Hostel! This was a big party - Bina made a cake, the girls decorated the house and themselves very nicely and were singing and dancing. It was a great day for everybody!

Welcome, Alisha!

At the beginning of the new school session there was a further change in the hostel: the parents of Pratima returned to their village together with their daughter.  Now we invited Alisha who has a difficult family background. She attends class 8 of  SDB school and is more than happy to be able to continue her school education in a safe environment.

Welcome, Binita and Mamata!


After writing their exams in the SDB School Sangam and Smiriti returned to their parents. In their seats we are very happy to welcome Binita (12) and Mamata (14) . Both girls come from (mountain-)villages and were living in the Asha Hostel up to class 5. Now we give them the chance to live in a safe environment. They can continue their school education and are not forced to early marriage. The other hostel girls welcomed their new sisters heartily.

Now we take care of 18 girls in the hostel and soon we will supoort two girls in their professional education. 20 girls who have a future... that's only possible by your support and help and we thank you very much!


Presentation in occasion of the Weeks of Women 2019 in Esslingen


Welcome, Marshang!

We are very happy to welcome our latest family member Marshang! All the other girls are very happy about her little sister. With 5 years she is the youngest and is joining class nursery in the SDB School. 

Now Marshang can go to school and has a bright future. This is only possible by your member fees and donations - thank you very much for your support!

The 18 girls in the hostel and our 19 godchildren in the SDB-School wish all  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019.  We thank all our members and all  the (unknown) sponsors for your support and your trust in our work! 

Visit in Nepal  

In November 2018 we travelled to Nepal and spent several days in the hostel. The girls welcomed us heartily. We could see all the positive developments in the hostel and of the girls. We spent a great time together e.g. we invited them for dinner - something very special for them! Furthermore we inaugurated the new outdoor toilet, the new room on the top and the new designed washing are. For that the whole house was decorated very nicely and with lots of love by the hostel mother and the lady cook.

Also we had many meetings with our partner Anupendra about the future. Our slogan is: "slowly but perfectly!" In this sense we still want to give our girls a loving home, strengthen their personality and enable them to do a good school exam. And we want to expand in the same quality. We got some very emotional requests for accomodation of poor girls what is our motivation to work hard for poor and deprived girls. For that we need your support and thank you very much for your donations!

Slideshow in the Tibetan-Buddhistic Center, Paracelsusstr. 10, 73230 Kirchheim


Trekking to the mountain of the soul (Manaslu-Circuit) and to Solo Khumbu (Everest-area)

Date: 2018-10-07, 7 pm - Entrance free, donations are welcome 

Second anniversary of the hostel

At July 29th, according to the Nepalese calendar at July 30th, we celebrated the second anniversary of the hostel. The girls decorated the house very nicely. When they returned from school they were surprised: homemade donuts and a birthdasy cake! Instead of dhal bat in the evening they had momos. They were dancing, reading poems and all were very happy.

For us it is really amazing to see how much we reached in such a short time. Two years ago the first nine girls moved to the hostel and now we give 18 girls a home. Thank you to all the members and sponsors for their support!


Welcome, new girls!

We are very happy to welcome the new family members  Pratima, Sony und Rupa in the hostel! These three girls were previously living in the Asha Hostel. After their change to class 6 in SDB School they are very happy to live, learn and continue their school  education in the Surya Kiran Hostel. They got a warm welcome celebration from all. Now we give 18 girls in the age of 6 -15 years a home. A hostel mother and a lady cook are taking care of them with lots of love.

This all is only possible by your member fees and your donations - thank you very much!



Since the beginning of this year we rented the land nearby. There our girls are planting vegetable for the hostel with lots of enthusiasm. They are very busy - and very proud to harvest their own cauliflower, tomatoes, radish, pumpkin, onions and maize!

Welcome, Chadani!


We are very happy to welcome Chadani, the little sister of Kajal who was the youngest girl in the hostel until now. She never joined a kindergarden and is now in level UKG (upper kindergarden) of the SDB school. The parents and especially Chadani are more than happy - and also the other girls are happy about her new little sister.


The girls in the hostel and our godchildren in the SDB-School wish all  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018. And we thank all our members and all  the (unknown) sponsors for your support and your trust in our work!


Slideshow at the AlpinZentrum, Georgiiweg 5, 70597 Stuttgart


Trekking to the mountain of the soul (Manaslu-Circuit) and to Solo Khumbu (Everest-area)

Date: 2017-10-11, 7 pm - Entrance free, donations are welcome 


First anniversary of the hostel!


The Club "Surya Kiran - ein Sonnenstrahl für Kinder e.V." was founded nearly two years ago - at Juli 29th, 2016 the first nine girls moved into the hostel. Since then many things happened and in the meantime we already give 14 Girls a home where they can grow and learn. Here they have a childhood without child labor and are safe of early marriage.

In the hostel this special day was celebrated two days long - with an "anniversary trip" to Swayambunath, a big temple in the Kathmandu valley, and on the other day with a big birthday cake.

The hostel was decorated very nicely with ballons and stars inside and outside. To see this brightness, this joy and happiness in the eyes of the girls is our motivation to work furthermore on the quality and the development of the hostel.

Also in the name of our Nepalese partner Anupendra Acharya we thank all the (unknown) sponsors from our heart because without your support we never could establish this hostel and achieve already so much! 


Theodor-Haecker-Award 2017 for political courage and sincerity in the Neckar Forum Esslingen


The this year's Theodor-Haecker-Award goes to the Nepalese woman Urmila Chaudhary. She is fighting for the liberation, the rights and the education of slaved girls in Nepal (Kamalari System). Because of poverty young girls are sold to rich families where they have to work hard without any rights. There is no chance for them to go to school.


Among child labor, early marriage and child trafficking we also want to protect young girls with our hostel project to be sold as a Kamalari.


Date: Juli 2nd, 2017, 11 a.m. - Entrance free


Slideshow at the Forum Esslingen, Schelztorstr. 38


Trekking to the mountain of the soul (Manaslu-Circuit) and to Solo Khumbu (Everest-area)

Date: 2017-04-23, 7 pm - Entrance free, donations are welcome 


Welcome new girls!

On April, 18 six new girls moved to the hostel - every single girl with her own painful story. Now we give 14 girls a home where they find shelter and care and where they can learn for school.  For every girl it was a great day and very fast they will be a big family.

This wonderful success is only possible by the support of our members and all the donations we get. Thank you very much!


Slideshow in Bachsaal, Pfaffengasse 13,  Aschaffenburg


Trekking to the mountain of the soul (Manaslu-Circuit) and to Solo Khumbu (Everest area)

Date: 2017-03-04, 7.30 pm - Entrance fee 5 €


Our god children of the SDB High School and the girls of the hostels wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.

And we say a big thank you to all our members and (unknown) sponsors for their generous support!


Personal inauguration of the hostel


On November, 20, 2016 we inaugurated the hostel officially. With proud  the girls showed us the house, the study room, the dining room, the bath room, of course their own rooms and beds and the roof  top. The bright eyes and the joy in their faces showed us how happy the girls are. In the whole house we really could feel a loving and familiar atmosphere!







Cinema & Talk in the Local Cinema (Kommunales Kino), Esslingen


On September 20, 2016, 7 p.m., you can see the movie "Urmila - for freedom".

At the end of the movie we will presentate our hostel project and are there for your questions.


Start of the hostel


Time has come! Juli, 29, 2016 the first nine girls moved into the hostel! It was a great day for all of us and we are very happy, especially for our girls. How it is seen in the picture the joy has no boundary!

Already at the first day all items were placed, the girls played - and they learned! Our partner Anupendra Acharya writes that the girls feel at home already after the first days...

Now these girls have a hopeful future, with enough food, place to learn and play and a with a caring support by a lady cook and a hostelmother.

Once again... thank you to all the members and sponsors, also for the mental support!




Our Team


Here is our team: Mr. Sushil who takes care of the girls at the SDB school, Anita, the lady cook, Anita, the hostelmother and Bina Acharya, who works as a supervisor.

Last but not least: Anupendra Acharya, our appreciated partner in Nepal!








Hostel trip


As soon as it was known in the SDB School that there will be a hostel for girls our partner Anupendra got many requests from parents and mothers who want to send their daughter into the hostel. It was not easy to select the first nine girls!

At the beginning of July they all made a hostel trip to see their new home. The surprise and joy had no boundary! They  were welcomed by a special Tika and Katha as a blessing and special welcome for good luck, peace and happiness. Then they visited all the rooms and were very surprised about their new home. Probably they never had so much space and especially an own bed in their life before! And they are looking forward to have time and a study room to learn for the school.

After lunch the van brought them back to school. All were "super happy!"



Current development


Our little plant is growing very fast in a very short time! When we established our Club last year in September our aim was to open the hostel in October 2016. Thanks of many members and donations we are able to open already in July! We are very happy.

Thank you to all our members and sponsors!

For a safe way to the SDB School we need a school bus / van for our girls. Therefore we are happy about a continuing support.


Slideshow at the community center RSKN in Esslingen


Trekking to the mountain of the soul (Manaslu-Circuit) and to Solo Khumbu (Everest-area)

Date: 2016-04-17, 7 pm - Entrance free, donations are welcome 


Esslinger Frühling (Spring of Esslingen)


On April 3, 2016 we celebrated in our town a festival called Spring of Esslingen. There we had an information point and we collected donations for the inauguration ceremony, welcome-presents (soft toys)  and an excursion with our girls.  


Christmas 2015


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 5, 2015:

Santa Claus barbecue of RSKN Commercial Association e.V.